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VNC-Client for .NET

VNC-Client for .NET is a VNC-Client written in C# using the .NET Framework.

Project goal

The goal of this project is to implement a VNC-Client using the Microsoft .NET Framework. The implementation language is C#. The code should be easily understandable due to an object oriented approach.

possible use of this project:


VNC is a remote display system, which allows the user to access the desktop of a remote machine with a VNC-Client. The user can work with this machine, as if it it sitting in front of it. For this to work on the remote machine a VNC-server is running, which communicates with the client using the RFB Protocol.
The RFB Protocol is a simple protocol. The server sends the framebuffer content to the client, the client informs the server about events (mouse, keyboard) and progress (inform server when ready to receive next update).

More information about VNC can be found at: VNC homepage

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This project is hosted on SourceForge.

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A first version of the VNC-Client was developed during a Term Project at ETHZ. This first version was completed july 2002. Some enhancements are made since this first version, the biggest change is a refactoring of the update decoding part.

Last Update: 15.12.2002